Frequently Asked Questions

Is my gift to Aztec Athletics tax deductible?
Yes! The amount of your deduction equals the gift minus the value of membership benefits received. To qualify for tax deduction that is equal to the full amount of your donation, you must decline all benefits.

Gifts made in association with priority seating benefits are subject to the 1988 Tax Law, allowing for 80% deduction after value of all benefits received is subtracted from the original gifts. We recommend you consult with a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of your gift in relation to tickets purchased and benefits received.

The Aztec Club is the fundraising arm of SDSU Athletics. Gifts in support of the Aztec Club's mission will be administered by The Campanile Foundation (TCF). TCF is the 501 (c) 3 non profit organization for San Diego State University.

What is San Diego State's Fiscal Year and do I have to pay my pledge off all at once?
San Diego State's fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th. Gifts can be paid over a period of time throughout the fiscal year in accordance with appropriate deadlines. Monthly payments are available through the Electronic Funds Transfer program with the Aztec Club. Your donation level for each fiscal year is determined by the amount that is paid by June 30th.

What is the difference between "unrestricted" and "restricted" gifts?
An "unrestricted" gift to Aztec Athletics is one which is used to cover the educational expenses of SDSU student-athletes. Priority seating contributions are "unrestricted". A "restricted" gift is designated by the donor for a specific purpose, often through a sport specific group such as the Full Court Press Club, or RBI Club.

Can I utilize my employer's matching gift program?
It is the donor's responsibility to contact their employer's matching gift office and do the following: find out if the company matches to athletics, notify your employer of your personal gift to the Aztec Club, and fill out all proper forms and mail the original copy to the Aztec Club. If your company has an automated or online service, please be sure to notify us and we will provide you with additional instructions.

How do I determine my membership level in the Aztec Club?
Your Aztec Club membership level is determined by the total contributions of your required per seat donations for Football, Men's & Women's Basketball tickets as well as any additional contributions to the general scholarship fund.

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